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The mobility service provider DKV Mobility is launching DKV APP&GO today. Via the app, users can conveniently pay their fuel bill at the pump and no longer have to stand in line at the store. In addition to saving time, the app minimizes unnecessary contacts at the gas station and thus the risk of infection.

“We are very proud that we were able to develop a mobile fueling solution with our partner PACE within a very short time,” says Marco van Kalleveen, CEO of DKV Mobility. “This not only saves time when refueling, but it also reduces the risk of infection.” DKV has been a minority shareholder in PACE since September 2020. Technologically, the app is based on PACE’s Connected Fueling platform. “The neutral platform is open to all petroleum companies, POS system providers and OEMs and is on its way to becoming the central technology for the digitalization of the petroleum industry in Europe,” explains Dr. Martin Kern, co-managing director at PACE Telematics. At the market launch, DKV APP&GO is available at over 500 gas stations in Germany, including those of the Q1 brand. In the medium term, all 63,000 gas stations from the DKV supply network are to be connected.

“We are very proud that we were able to develop a mobile fueling solution with our partner PACE within a very short time.”

Marco van Kalleveen, CEO of DKV Mobility

The ability to make mobile payments with the app helps to improve customer flows at service stations. The employee at the cash register has more time to take care of the customers who want to buy something in the store. Long lines, often with customers just waiting to pay for fuel, are a thing of the past. The customer receives all receipts digitally via email and can also view them in the PACE Drive app at any time. This makes billing easier and provides full transparency of all transactions at any time.

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