Paying directly at the gas pump via smartwatch: Anton Willer and PACE make it possible

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Together with PACE, Anton Willer relies on innovative technologies to optimally shape the digital transformation.

The modern way of fueling continues to spread: PACE, technological leader for mobile payment at gas pumps, gains another strategic partner in Anton Willer. Almost 30 bft Willer gas stations in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, are now part of the Connected Fueling network. Here, customers can now pay directly at the pump using a smartphone or smartwatch. Customers can thereby not only take advantage of a more convenient way of paying without waiting, but can also lower the risk of infection in times of a pandemic.

As expected from PACE, paying in the app is simple and straightforward for the customer. When refueling with the cost-free PACE Drive app, the user simply selects the fuel pump and a payment method on the smartphone or smartwatch. After refueling, the payment is authorized, and the customer can continue driving. PACE offers a variety of payment methods to choose from, such as Apple Pay, credit cards, PayPal, and giropay/paydirekt. The digital fuel receipt is automatically saved in the app and is sent to the user’s email inbox.

This not only makes payment easier and faster, it also has a number of other advantages: for example, motorcyclists no longer have to take off their helmets to pay. It also shortens the waiting time for the next driver, who may already be waiting his or her turn at the fuel pump.

To further establish our technology, we rely on strong partners

Philip Blatter, founder and managing director of PACE Telematics

Axel Niesing, managing partner of Anton Willer GmbH & Co KG, says: “In order to be ready for the future as a gas station, we rely on innovative technologies that offer our customers a unique experience. We are particularly proud that mobile payment with PACE Pay could be integrated quickly and reliably.”

“To further establish our technology, we rely on strong partners. The partnership with Anton Willer in Schleswig-Holstein plays an important role in this,” says Philip Blatter, one of the founders and CEOs of PACE Telematics GmbH. “We are pleased to jointly enable new ways of payment with state-of-the-art technologies.”