The new way to fuel

Enable your customers to pay directly at the pump with their smartphone. Benefit from a wide range of advantages: Shorter waiting times, relaxed store customers, and more.

Paying directly at the pump with your smartphone

Connected Fueling allows customers to pay directly at the pump using their smartphone or via the vehicle’s infotainment system. All in three simple steps:


Connected Fueling automatically recognizes if mobile payment is available.

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Customers select the used fuel pump and pay right at their vehicle.

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Digital receipt

After paying, the digital receipt is sent to the customer’s email address.

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Fueling now–without Connected Fueling

Visiting the gas station presents many difficulties–not just for drivers. With Connected Fueling, the following problems will soon be a thing of the past.

Long lines

Neither customers nor staff are happy about long lines at the checkout. The quick purchase is then often dispensed with.

Chaos at the fuel pump

At peak times, long waiting times deter people from stopping to fill up. Even a low price is not convincing enough then.

Low customer loyalty

For many customers, only one thing counts: the lowest price. Without lasting contact with the customer, it is difficult to increase loyalty.

Pace Drive App

Quick & easy to integrate

As an independent function, Connected Fueling can be integrated into existing applications very easily and without deep changes. Like for example here in the PACE Drive App.

Connected Fueling can already be used at selected gas stations of our partners.

Try it now

You can now try out Connected Fueling on your smartphone using the PACE Drive app as an example.