Innovative added value for your users

Let your users pay at the pump with their smartphone or smartwatch: Integrate an innovative additional function into your app and increase your user retention and the frequency of use of your app. Free for you, great added value for your users!

Our integration is fast and secure

Your look & feel …

is ensured by the seamless integration of our services.

Your users …

get a cool new feature and use your app more often.

Your implementation …

is done via Software Development Kit (SDK) in a few days.

We have already successfully integrated numerous partners!

Advantages for mobile apps

Innovative functions

Bring your customers exciting new features for your mobility or payment app.

More regular use

With Connected Fueling, your app establishes an additional, regular touchpoint users.

Differentiation from the competition

Apps are installed quickly – only a few are used. 79% of those we surveyed would like to use Connected Fueling in an app.

Innovative features

Search for fuel stations in the area

App users are automatically and clearly shown the fuel stations in their area where they can pay with Connected Fueling.

Mobile payment

Payment by app is very straightforward: Select the fuel pump, authorise the transaction, fill up and drive on. The receipt is sent by email and in the app.

Numerous payment methods

There is something for everyone: Connected Fueling supports the most common payment methods with PayPal, Apple Pay (also with girocard), credit card and giropay.

Smartwatch and Smartphone

We are also the first provider to offer the option of paying by smartwatch without having to pick up your smartphone. It couldn’t be simpler or more convenient!

Reference projects

DKV APP&GO integration

Expansion of the DKV Mobility app

Together with our partner DKV Mobility, we have made the digital fuel card available to users of the DKV Mobility app. We have integrated the connected fueling functionality into the existing DKV Mobility app (iOS and Android) based on our SDK. This means that refueling transactions can now be authorized directly at the pump using the digital DKV card.

Successfully integrated: our partners

Enable your users to pay directly at the pump with their smartphone!


In early 2024, PACE seamlessly integrated its leading European Connected Fueling platform into the ACE Auto Club Europa’s ACE app. Consequently, in addition to offering various app services, the ACE app now allows users to effortlessly make payments at the gas pump.

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With the APP&GO feature, the DKV Mobility App has been offering its customers the option of processing the refueling process directly via smartphone since the beginning of 2021. The digitization of the DKV fuel card and the technical processing of the refueling process at the pump are handled by the Connected Fueling platform made by PACE.

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PACE Drive

Since the beginning of 2020, the PACE Drive app allows mobile payment via app at the gas station. With PACE Drive it is even possible to pay with the smartwatch! This makes payment even easier and more convenient for customers.

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