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Revolutionize your fuel card usage – With our digitalization solution, you can eliminate security gaps and offer your customers innovative authorization options. Stay at the forefront and reshape the future of your fuel card usage as we together enter the digital era of refueling.

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Advantages of Digital Fuel Cards

Security and Fraud Protection

Digital fuel cards offer enhanced security compared to traditional ones, as they can only be used through authorized digital access. This significantly reduces the risks of theft, loss, or unauthorized use when compared to physical cards.

Flexibility and Assignment

Digital fuel cards enable flexible allocation to drivers and vehicles. Changes in the fleet can be immediately accommodated, whereas physical cards often have more rigid assignments.

Agile & Adaptable

Digital fuel cards enable rapid responses to changes or new requirements without the need to wait for the production and delivery of physical cards.

Saving Costs

The management and issuance of physical cards are more expensive and require more resources compared to digital issuance. Digital fuel cards eliminate printing and shipping costs.

Simple Integration

Digital fuel cards can seamlessly integrate into digital platforms and apps. This facilitates connectivity to other systems and enables a holistic digital refueling experience.


Digitalization minimizes the demand for physical materials, such as plastic cards, and mitigates the environmental footprint associated with manufacturing and shipping.

What capabilities does Connected Fueling offer?

Broad Acceptance Base

The Connected Fueling platform provides the option to use the digital fuel card (partner app) at various partner stations.

In-App and In-Car Integrations

Our SDK effortlessly integrates into third-party mobile apps and directly into the car’s HMI via the flexible APIs of the PACE Cloud.

Whitelabel & Standalone

Customize user interfaces to reflect your brand effortlessly. Seamlessly integrate existing customer accounts and payment profiles for a tailored user experience.

Seamless integration in a few steps

Integration of Your Fuel Card Authorization Processes

We integrate your authorization processes easily into the Connected Fueling platform. Communication is based on current IFSF and ISO standards.

Onboarding Your Digital Fuel Card

We seamlessly integrate your fuel cards into the platform, for example, through product code mapping and the parameterization of individual onboarding processes.

A Mobile App for Your Fuel Card

Take advantage of our diverse integration options – expand an existing app via SDK, create a new app based on our template or connect directly to our API.

Europe-Wide Acceptance Network in No Time

Finally, we connect your digital fuel card to the desired acceptance stations on the Connected Fueling platform.