Gas station reference projects

Digitizing the HoyerCard

Digital fuel card in partner app

For our partner Hoyer, the HoyerCard was digitized on the basis of the Connected Fueling platform and integrated as the first fuel card in the PACE Drive mobile app as a payment method. In a second step, we worked with Hoyer to integrate the digital HoyerCard into the Hoyer Energie app, which can now be used by all Hoyer customers for mobile payments.

App provider reference projects

DKV APP&GO integration

Expansion of the DKV Mobility app

Together with our partner DKV Euroservice, the Connected Fueling functionality was integrated into the existing DKV Mobility App (iOS and Android) based on our SDK. This means that all DKV Mobility app users can now make mobile payments directly at the pump using a digital version of the DKV Card fuel card.

Automotive reference projects

HMI integration

Integration into the on-board computer

In two pilot projects with leading car manufacturers, we have already integrated the Connected Fueling function directly into the vehicle on the basis of our APIs. This allows users to pay directly at the gas pump from the vehicle using the HMI. A smartphone is not necessary.