PACE is the market leader in Europe with the Connected Fueling platform for mobile payment when refueling

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Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Italy, and Spain are the first countries outside Germany where mobile payment at the fuel pump based on PACE’s Connected Fueling technology is now possible. Thus, the number of gas stations connected to PACE has almost doubled within 3 months and now already exceeds 1,400.

Refueling and payment via the Connected Fueling Platform from PACE Telematics is now available in numerous countries outside Germany–just in time for the vacation season. After the successful launch of the mobile payment solution more than 2 years ago, the Europe-wide rollout has now started. With partner MAES Energy & Mobility, around 300 service stations in Belgium are now available for Connected Fueling; in addition, there are further stations in Italy, Spain, Austria, and Luxembourg. And the network continues to grow at a rapid pace. The current status is available at

Mobile payment for fueling directly at the pump has experienced a real boom in the last 1.5 years.

Philip Blatter, founder and managing director of PACE Telematics

Philip Blatter, founder and managing director of PACE Telematics: “Mobile payment for fueling directly at the pump has experienced a real boom in the last 1.5 years. Digitization and the trend toward contactless payment have also arrived in the petroleum industry–fueled in addition by the effects of the Corona pandemic. The initial skepticism of some market players has now given way to a very proactive attitude that sees connected fueling as a potential competitive advantage.”

PACE has been working on the technology for mobile payment directly at the pump since 2017 and has established the technologically leading solution in Europe over the years. Among other things, the solution also includes an open source standard protocol for the industry. The OpenFSC protocol (Open Fueling Site Connect) is available free of charge and facilitates the connection to the new innovative payment system for all market participants across Europe.

With the European rollout, PACE now also confirms its leading role in Europe in terms of scaling the network. The rollout is carried out in cooperation with PACE shareholder DKV Euro Service, one of the leading mobility service providers for the logistics and transport industry in Europe. DKV Euro Service’s acceptance network comprises 65,000 service stations in Europe, all of which will be available via the Connected Fueling platform in the future.