Advantages of Connected Fueling for gas station shops

Digital payment directly at the pump offers many advantages for PACE Drive users: they can pay for fuel quickly and easily via smartphone, smartwatch and, since September 2022, even on their car’s infotainment system using CarPlay or Android Auto. But what does Connected Fueling mean for the gas station store?

We explain how Connected Fueling strengthens your customer loyalty and generates higher sales:

You give your gas station store a feel-good character

Customers who want to eat or drink at gas stations with seating option will no longer lose their appetite due to long queues at the checkout, which are often occupied by fuel-only customers. It will also be quicker for those who just want to buy a pack of cigarettes, drinks, or other products. As a result, it will happen less often that customers leave the store without buying anything because they have changed their minds due to the waiting time.

In addition, customers who are in a hurry to fill up can quickly leave the pump again, which always makes space for the next driver. In this way, both store and refueling customers can be offered an optimal customer experience, as both do not get in each other’s way during the payment process.

Your staff will have better time management

By shortening queues, gas station staff will have more time to attend to other service issues, which in turn reduces both time pressure, and staff stress levels and will be noticed by customers as a better service experience. The attractiveness of jobs at the gas station increases and customers are more satisfied.

Equalization of daily business

We all know it: Especially in the current times, it is difficult to find qualified personnel, so that the increasingly challenging daily work must be distributed among the present staff. Irregular peak times at the gas station in particular lead to stress and unnecessary strain for both gas station staff and waiting customers.

Connected Fueling equalizes day-to-day business by allowing fuel customers to pay quickly at the pump and leaving mainly store customers to queue at the gas station store without long waiting times. This increases throughput at the pump and in the store, especially at peak times.

Increasing sales

The feel-good character of your store offers you the chance to increase your sales, because your customers will shop more when they are relaxed and will be happy to come back again and again. It can also be often observed that customers first pay for their tank of fuel at the pump, park their car if parking is available, and then enjoy browsing and shopping in the gas station store without any time pressure despite – or even because of – their previous mobile payment.


The benefits of Connected Fueling for gas station stores are many and are ranging from the creation of a place of well-being for customers to optimized time management for staff, as well as to the reduction of stress in day-to-day business and to an increase in sales due to shorter waiting times at the checkout. This results in a more optimal service offer for store and fuel customers, who consequently consume more and would like to return again and again.