POS Marketing: Advertising directly at the gas station

From a first consultation to the launch of the integrated product: the PACE team is there for you every step of the way.

Once the connection of a new gas station or gas station chain to the PACE Connected Fueling platform has been successfully implemented, the PACE team offers the possibility to promote the new “product” directly where it is used: at the gas station and thus also directly at the pump. POS marketing is the abbreviation for “point-of-sale marketing” and refers to all advertising measures that take place directly at the point of sale.

The aim of PACE POS marketing is to take customers on a customer journey. In concrete terms, this means that customers should come into contact with the product again and again during their stay at the gas station. The background to this is that it has been proven that a customer’s decision to buy is only made after several references and contacts with the product. The various marketing tools should therefore draw attention to the payment method directly at the pump at several points at the service station, arouse the customers’ interest, make this interest more concrete, and ultimately lead to the use of the app. 

Making mobile payment known directly at the gas pump

Until now, many customers have only been familiar with paying by smartphone and smartwatch from supermarkets and the like. The fact that this is now also possible directly at the gas pump is a novelty. Paying with a smartwatch is unique in Europe. To make sure that customers notice and use these new possibilities, PACE also offers support in the marketing area. 

Customers will be encouraged to use an app that works with the PACE Connected Fueling platform directly at the point of sale.

PACE has a complete package of advertising materials ready:

  • Tank topper
  • Sticker
  • Multimedia display advertising
  • Customer stopper
  • Banners
  • Gasoline dispenser advertising

Especially popular with gas station operators are tank toppers, stickers and customer stoppers. The stickers are also available in magnetic form, which has the advantage that they are removable, cannot be broken overnight and are more durable due to the overnight protection. It also allows you to change the position.

With the large selection of different advertising media, PACE offers the possibility to equip both small and large gas station locations – whether stickers and tank toppers or large banners and multimedia displays.

Marketing as part of onboarding

The discussion and design of the marketing measures are connected to the onboarding process. Within this framework, the design basics for the branding are already exchanged. The material required for the marketing measures is therefore already available, which is why the operators then only have to choose the right marketing material for their service station. In doing so, they are free to choose between the listed variants. These are then also gladly provided with the respective logo.

The file for the multimedia display is provided in digital form, the print products are ordered via PACE and then delivered to the respective location. What the service station operators have to organize themselves is the attachment of the marketing materials. This includes, for example, a suitable frame for customer stoppers or the attachment of a banner.

If the marketing measures have been convincing, customers can download an app that is connected to the PACE Connected Fueling platform, thus linking the service station and the app. One app that makes this possible is the PACE Drive app. This is available free of charge for iOS and Android and not only offers the option of mobile payment directly at the pump using a smartphone or smartwatch, but also compares prices and offers various discount promotions.

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