After signing the contract: Onboarding for service stations

More than service stations in countries have already connected to the Connected Fueling platform, taking advantage of the benefits of fuel digitization. To ensure a smooth integration for new gas stations, there are some important steps to be taken together with PACE after signing the contract.

Billing and station data

To begin with, important information is exchanged: this includes billing and station data for the service station and all its branches, such as geo-location, address, etc., and the cash register ID assigned by the cash register operator. 


So that the end customer can see a design customized to the gas station when using the app, the logos and graphics of the gas station are stored at PACE and integrated into the app. Thus, the app is displayed to the user in a corporate design familiar to him or her from the service station.

Technical preparation

Besides the design, the connection of the Connected Fueling platform to the POS system plays a decisive role for a successful integration. PACE and the POS system manufacturer therefore create an integration project together to implement the connection and to find a way to connect both sides. Due to the large number of existing POS systems, this path is individually tailored and takes a large amount of time. Of course, this does not apply if the service station works with a POS system that is already connected to the Connected Fueling platform. If this is the case, integration is much easier and faster to implement. But regardless of whether the POS system is already connected to the Connected Fueling platform or not, the service station operator has very little to do with this process.

Live Testing

Active participation is only required in the next step: testing all functions at a selected station. This involves the basic assurance of the functionalities. After that, the team at the gas station can get to know the product and familiarize themselves with it. 


If the test was successful, all service stations that are to work with the PACE Connected Fueling platform can be activated and are thus ready for use by the end customers.

Point of Sales (POS) Marketing

The PACE team is also happy to support the launch of the stations with POS marketing measures such as stickers, fuel toppers, customer stoppers and banners with individualized QR code and the publication of a press release. In return, the gas stations promote mobile payment at the pump by using the PACE logo or PACE promotional materials.

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